Benchmark ICFs Convert Multiple Day Concrete Pour to One Day Job

As construction continues on our own addition, we came up with a time-saving solution using Benchmark Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) to save the concrete crew’s time on the job.ICF Concrete Slab Stoops

Forming the footings for the concrete slab stoops outside all four entry doors would have taken the crew several hours over the course of multiple days to set up the forms, pour the concrete, then come back to remove the forms and backfill with dirt. Instead of all the extra work, they used Benchmark ICFs to form the stay-in-place frost walls and poured concrete for all four stoops in the same day. The crew estimated they saved at least four hours of labor per entry door by using the ICF solution.

“It’s a real testament to how well the product worked when the installers are taking pictures with their cell phones and sending them back to their boss asking ‘Why don’t we always use these?’” said Sales Representative Corey Mennenga.

Benchmark ICF concrete pad sloop


Placing concrete slabs reinforced with footings outside entry doors is a common building code and is recommended to keep the stoop safe and in place for the life of a building.

Thinking outside the box is one benefit of working with the Benchmark team. We thrive on helping our customers find ways to save time and money using our customizable and innovative products.

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