Benchmark Foam Custom Foil-Faced EPS Insulation

Customers appreciate full customization capabilities

Since adding foil-faced insulation to our diverse product line in early 2016, Benchmark Foam has found success pairing its customizing capabilities with new lamination technology. Using various sizes and thicknesses of expanded polystyrene (EPS), we have manufactured products for residential and commercial applications.

Foil-faced EPS insulationOne customer was pleased to learn that Benchmark Foam was able to produce foil-faced EPS insulation in 16′ lengths to ease installation for their crew. Used as siding underlayment insulation, they made efficient use of installation time and labor with the 16′ sheets.

Keeping customer needs in mind during design and production, we combine two steps in one for roof insulation systems. Where required,  Benchmark Foam can supply EPS laminated to Fire Retardant (FR-10) slipsheets that provide fire protection against flame spread and penetration.

The customization options when ordering from Benchmark Foam are almost endless and laminated products are just the same. Pick the size and thickness (up to 4½”) of EPS to start, then select which style of film works best for your project, including foil, clear, metallized, woven, coated glass facers, OSB and others.

To learn how Benchmark Foam can supply a customized foil-faced or other laminated insulation product for your next project, call us at 605-886-8084 or 800-658-3444 or email us at

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