Stoop Fill

EPS Stoop Fill

Benchmark Foam Stoop Fill for facilitating a quick, easy and stable installation.

Forming the footings for concrete slab stoops outside of commercial and residential entrances often takes crews several hours over the course of multiple days. Between setting the forms, pouring the concrete, backfilling and compacting the soil, the process quickly becomes time-consuming in an industry where time is everything.

Made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), Benchmark Foam Stoop Fill is used as a super lightweight fill material that is simply placed and backfilled before pouring the concrete slab.

AdvantagesConcrete over EPS Stoop Fill

  • Save time and labor with 1-step installation
  • Less risk of sinking or settling soils than traditional fill materials
  • Customize to accommodate underground utilities such as pipes, drains
  • Beveled sides help create more downward pressure once backfilled

EPS is often used in under slab construction and can be produced at higher compressive strengths to meet any project need. Placing reinforced concrete slabs over Stoop Fill outside entry doors for the life of a building is a common alternative to traditional building codes.

Benchmark Foam Stoop Fill


  • Meets or exceeds structural standards from ASTM D6817-15 for EPS Geofoam
  • Manufactured with certified EPS
  • Product dimensions customizable to project needs

Since all jobsites are different, consult with the project engineer to ensure soil conditions are satisfactory and adequate groundwater conditions are met.

Read, download or print our Stoop Fill brochure containing technical data and design consideration information.

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