Historic Goss Opera House topped with EPS

Benchmark Foam contributes to roofing, other renovation plans

As plans were announced to renovate the Goss Opera House in Watertown, S.D., the team at Benchmark Foam was eager to help improve the historic building’s energy performance. One major component that needed improvement was the structurally deficient roof. Currently, a roof replacement project is in full swing with additional plans to modify the heating and cooling system “to enhance the public’s experience.”

The roof plans included up to 47” of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation from Benchmark Foam in some areas and structural insulated roof panels (SIPs) from another Watertown manufacturer, Enercept. Consequently, the Enercept panels’ EPS core is also produced by Benchmark Foam. Between all sources of EPS insulation, the Goss will benefit from more than 120,000 bd. ft. (4 truckloads) of the proven insulating power of EPS that gives the roof an average R-Value of 54.

Benchmark Foam EPS insulates Goss Opera House renovationAn added benefit for Benchmark Foam customers is receiving the industry’s only On-Time Guarantee. With the ability to deliver direct to jobsites and phased construction sequencing, Benchmark Foam coordinated the multiple truckload deliveries to the Goss construction site; keeping the installation crew on schedule.

While the roof project is still underway, more Benchmark Foam products are slated to be incorporated in other interior areas to improve the overall energy efficiency of the structure. With a grand reopening planned for Spring 2020, the Goss Opera House can look forward to many years of optimum energy performance.


The Goss Opera House originally opened in 1889 under the vision of Charles Goss and hosted internationally recognized exhibits, theatrical and musical performances. In late 2018, a new non-profit organization, Friends of the Goss Opera House, purchased the building with the intent of making the Goss a bustling hub of community activity that it once experienced.




For more information on how to improve the energy efficiency using EPS insulation, contact our team at 800-658-3444 or epsinfo@benchmarkfoam.com.

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