Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Sustainable Packaging

Savvy, environmentally responsible consumers are choosing expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam as a sustainable packaging option.

Molded EPS foam sustainable packaging

For years, expanded polystyrene (EPS) has been used in thousands of different ways – from food service products to home insulation, but the ‘green’ in EPS really shines in its use for recyclable packaging.

EPS is physically designed to optimize energy and materials. Raw material is transformed into an inert, finished product that is 98% air, yet 32 times its original volume. Day after day, Americans purchase products packed, then delivered to their homes safely cradled in durable EPS. Manufacturers choose EPS to protect the goods we buy because it continues to be a smart choice, especially in light of our growing environmental awareness, not to mention its lightweight characteristics that save on shipping costs.

Capable of being recycled since the day it was developed – into a product of equal or higher value, EPS has always been a prime candidate for reinvention. Your appliance packaging of today can become your neighbor’s home insulation of tomorrow. Clean, post-consumer EPS from building renovation projects can be recycled to cushion your new dishwasher the day after that…

For over 20 years, Benchmark Foam has been manufacturing custom molded packaging products that remain safe and healthy throughout their life cycle, free of harmful chemicals that can leach or off-gas during use or disposal. Strict adherence to clean production technology standards further enhanced by internal high quality best practices has always been traditional at Benchmark Foam.

One best practice always in action at Benchmark Foam is recycling. As a commitment to the environment and EPS sustainability, we accept clean, dry post-consumer EPS (including packaging manufactured by us or other producers), that we transform into 100% recycled eps360®. Used in a wide variety of building construction applications, this product could also be further recycled and reinvented, time after time. And so the cycle goes…

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