Benchmark Foam Geofoam Proves Perfect Fit as Lightweight Fill for Minnesota School Project

Renovation during school hours no problem with Benchmark Foam lightweight geofoam fill product and On Time Guarantee

Lightweight Benchmark Foam Geofoam fills sunken floorIn an effort to find an easy to use and cost effective fill product, Hennepin Technical College (HTC) of Eden Prairie, Minn. benefited from geofoam by Benchmark Foam for its current renovation project. Approximately 110 block of geofom were used as lightweight fill to renovate a former sunken library area, which spanned about 115′ x 38′.

Using geofoam allowed the installers to make quick work of an area without interrupting HTC’s school schedule. While its light weight makes installation a breeze compared to other fill materials, geofoam’s innate tough physical properties ensure it will endlessly maintain shape and composition – even beneath 4 1/2″ of concrete.

Installed Benchmark Foam lightweight geofoam fillThe install crew also stayed on schedule with the On Time Guarantee from Benchmark Foam. Each order was delivered on time to keep construction moving, allowing the concrete contractor to begin prep work to pour the concrete soon after.

Find out how Benchmark Foam can help complete your next project – even if thermal resistance is not a key factor, as in HTC’s case. To learn more about the project, call us at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084.

Visit Benchmark Foam’s geofoam product webpage to view additional innovative geofoam applications, including minimizing lateral pressure on retaining walls, reducing settlements, slope stability, embankments on unstable soils, highway insulation, bridge abutments, frost protection, tunnels and underpasses and lightweight void fill.

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