Benchmark Foam Announces Patents for Interlocking Tank Pads for Above Ground Storage Tank Support

Assembling Benchmark Foam patented cellular plastic Interlocking Tank PadBenchmark Foam, an EPS expanded polystyrene manufacturer, announces the issuance of US Patent No. D664,626 S and US Patent No. D669,153 S by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its new product line of innovative Interlocking Tank Pads. The proprietary design is revealed with the successful use of its coated EPS cellular plastic as an underlayment for above ground storage tanks. Both patents, issued in 2012, cover the ornamental design of Benchmark Foam's Interlocking Tank pads for above ground tank support.

Patented_Benchmark_Foam_cellular_plastic_above_ground_interlocking_tank_pad_WM640The patented Interlocking Tank Pads are designed to be a reusable base for various storage tanks. Each part is encapsulated with a two-component, rapid curing pure polyurea to ensure long lasting durability. All parts are universal, able to be interchanged as required, allowing for ease of shipping and installation. The exclusive design allows for quick installation and adjustment by a two-man team. Benchmark Foam can manufacture its Interlocking Tank Pads to fit a wide variety of tank sizes.

Installed Benchmark Foam patented Interlocking Tank PadSince introducing Interlocking Tank Pads to the market in 2010 and manufacturing under patent pending status in 2011, Benchmark Foam has been refining its efficiences to attain optimum performance for the end user. For more information and full listing of physical properties, visit the Tank Pad product webpage at 

Benchmark Foam is an EPS expanded polystyrene manufacturer located in Watertown, South Dakota. Since 1988, Benchmark Foam has been diversifying its product lines to meet customer needs. Offering more than fifteen different product lines, including green building materials, Benchmark Foam aims to be the standard by which other companies in the industry should be measured. With the industry's only on-Time Delivery Guarantee, Benchmark Foam guarantees quick response. 

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