Now Offering 100% Recycled Thermo-Snap 360

100_precent_recycled_in_floor_heat_panelBenchmark Foam now offers its patented Thermo-Snap in a 100% recycled option. Thermo-Snap 360™ is a 100% recycled insulating panel that securely holds PEX tubing for in floor heat systems, bringing added sustainability to thermal performance. A smart alternative for environmentally conscious builders, Thermo-Snap 360™ is produced from clean, dry, post-consumer expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The tube management system built into the recycled panels reduce labor and material costs. Thermo-Snap 360™ offers predetermined tube placement to ensure even spacing and heating for homeowners. Optimal radiant heat effectiveness is achieved with the PEX tubing at the bottom of the concrete slab.

  • Standard 4’ x 4’ x 2” panels accommodate 1/2” or 5/8” tube pathways on 6” centers
  • Designed to be energy efficient with a stable R-Value of 8.1 or above, Thermo-Snap 360™ is also available in 2.5” for projects that require higher R-Value
  • The convenient panel size allows for quick layout that can also be trimmed to accommodate custom shapes during installation

thermo_snap_recycled_thumbThermo-Snap 360™ aids builders and homeowners to meet sustainability goals and qualifies for green building programs such as LEED with its regenerated manufacturing process. Popular to use in basements, garages, shops and other outbuildings, Thermo-Snap 360™ can also be incorporated into a design for under driveways or walkways as ice melt. Contact us at or 800-658-3444 to learn how Thermo-Snap 360™ can create ideal heating for your next project while allowing for maximum design flexibility.


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