Stronghold ICF hits construction market

Benchmark Foam offering industry leading ICF block

Stronghold ICF corner blockBenchmark Foam is now offering the latest Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) in the industry. Hitting the market in 2019, Stronghold ICF provides new and compelling characteristics to the construction industry. Its unprecedented reinforcement provides corner support for any finish with added power strips for extra strength. Offering a reversible interlock and vertical locking webs give installers a fast and secure build.

As contractor Jon Kangas was designing his personal home, he leaned on the Benchmark Foam team to help solve problems and streamline installation with cold weather approaching. True to its quick response, Benchmark Foam provided a same-day quote and within a matter of days was being installed by Kangas. Experienced with other ICF brands, Kangas was impressed by the quick and successful installation of the Stronghold block.

“Stronghold is positioned to provide a contractor-friendly ICF block that is truly different,” said Stronghold President Cooper Stewart.

Stronghold ICF now offered from Benchmark FoamCreated to remove the most common stresses associated with installing ICFs, Stronghold aims to build trust by helping customers build their reputations, profit margins and peace of mind. The standard block has 16” x 48” panels, that are 2.75” thick with webs on 8” centers. Stronghold also has a knock down (KD) block in development which includes a folding hinge design to optimize space in shipping and storage. Stronghold ICF has its roots firmly planted in the support side of the business with a team of highly experienced individuals committed to helping contractors meet their own and their customer’s expectations in completing successful projects.

To learn more about the patent pending features of Stronghold ICF, visit or contact our team at 800-658-3444. With the robust product offering of Stronghold and the superior customer service of the experienced Benchmark Foam team, the choice is easy. Benchmark Foam will continue to earn your trust with every order. It’s our guarantee.

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