Foam-In-Place protective packaging now available from Benchmark Foam

Benchmark Foam now offers another superior packaging solution with Foam-In-Place (FIP) protective packaging. Ship with confidence that your product will arrive as expected when packaged with Foam-In-Place.

Foam_in_place_available_at_benchmark_foamMolded by combining two liquid foams in high density polyethylene (HDPE) bags, film or prefabricated molds, the mixture expands rapidly to create a custom protective shell around the product. Foam-In-Place reduces or eliminates damages costs, increasing customer confidence. An ideal solution for low-to-mid volume products, Foam-In-Place provides consistent cushioning and void fill in places that need it most.

Custom fit your product with a cost-effective packaging solution from Benchmark Foam. To learn more about Foam-In-Place, contact us at or 800-658-3444.

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