Benchmark Foam 100% Recycled eps360® Insulation for Green Building


Installing eps360 in the roof insulation at the Watertown Water Treatment Plant.

A trend in  the roofing industry – and the construction industry in general is the use of recycled products that qualify for green building programs.

Benchmark Foam offers a 100% recycled product, eps360®, which is used in various applications. Because eps360® can be molded to various thicknesses, it is popular for use in roofing construction as the base layer or expanded polystyrene (EPS) below a tapered roofing insulation system.

Recently, Benchmark Foam supplied eps360® for the construction site of the new water treatment facility in Watertown, S.D. The EPS is used as the 4″ and 6″ base layer underneath the tapered insulation system. Depending on insulation required in various roof areas, another 2″ to 12″ of tapered EPS is installed over the eps360®. Overall, the roof will maintain an average R-Value of  R-43 for its lifetime – a feature the City of Watertown is sure to appreciate.

eps360 being used as a base layer in a roofing insulation application. (Click to enlarge.)

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