Signs By Benchmark Creates Custom Integrated Monument Sign

Signs By Benchmark, a division of Benchmark Foam, specializes in exterior and interior signs and sign accent components such as pole covers, bases and sign tops. It recently created a custom monument sign that integrates an electronic message center (EMC) designed to warmly welcome all visitors to a Minnesota community.

Signs By Benchmark Custom Integrated Monument SignIn accordance with Buffalo, Minnesota’s slogan of “Where the old meets the new”, the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau wanted a modern sign that would complement the community and its traditional attractions.

Knowing that Shane Steinmetz, owner of the local company S & J Associates, would instinctively comprehend signage needs, the Chamber contacted him for ideas.  Having collaborated with Signs By Benchmark on a previous project, Steinmetz immediately gave its team a call.

The result was a lightweight, double-sided 7′ 6″ wide x 8′ 4″ high custom sign featuring two parts: a faux brick base and a two-color acrylic stucco surround that encase twin electronic message centers (EMCs). To achieve a durable, streamlined, seamless effect, cellular plastic lettering was coated directly into the sign face.

“The faux brick is phenomenal,” said Steinmetz. “The work that Signs By Benchmark does, from concept through finish, is exceptional.”

Once on site, the sign was installed by Boo Doo Signs, Inc. of Princeton, Minnesota.

Signs By Benchmark custom integrated monument sign installed“The installation was very smooth,” said Robert “Boo” Olson of Boo Doo Signs. “All the parts went together exactly as they should.”

While the pleasing classical lines of the Chamber’s new sign gracefully calls attention to messages displayed on the EMCs, the hard coated cellular plastic components will ensure the signage maintains its strength and durability over time.

“We’ve had several citizens comment on the sign,” said Sally Custer, Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau President. “The sign is beautiful and a nice improvement to the community.”

Do you have an upcoming sign or sign component project that calls for unique details? Call the creative team at Signs By Benchmark at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084. Their expertise, cooperative attitude, and durable products can be just what you need.

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