Benchmark Foam Releases New One-Piece Corner for ICF Insulated Concrete Forms

Benchmark Foam is proud to announce its new line of corners used in ICF Insulated Concrete Form construction. Benefits of the new one-piece corner include:

  • Benchmark Foam ICF Insulated Concrete Form one piece cornerVersatile installation with option to build staggered or on-bond
  • Available in right or left to accommodate all layouts
  • Save money and reduce installation confusion by eliminating the extra corner tie used with traditional molded corners
  • New design features added strength with an embedded corner tie made of more plastic to enhance durability
  • A wider nailing surface is available with the embedded corner tie design

Benchmark Foam one-piece ICF corner with tough embedded corner tie and wider nailing surfaceThe new one-piece corners are 16" x 2' x 4' and have all the same properties of a Benchmark ICF block, including the tongue-and-groove interlock and embedded ties 6" on center.

While the traditional molded corners with extra corner ties will still be available, the new corner option is designed to better accommodate every builder's needs.

We're excited to start including this corner design on new projects. For more details or a free quote on your current project, call the Benchmark Foam team at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084.


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