Lush courtyard design achieved with EPS geofoam

On time delivery, versatility made Benchmark an ideal partner

Courtyard_formed_by_Benchmark_GeofoamThe plans for a new luxury loft community in uptown Sioux Falls, S.D. included an expansive 50,000 sq. ft. courtyard that required expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam to help accomplish the grand design. Since living spaces were constructed prior to beginning the courtyard, the general contractor, Lloyd Companies, had space limitations during the build, making deliveries a critical factor of success. Offering superior quality and extensive expertise in EPS geofoam, paired with the industry’s only On-Time Delivery Guarantee, Benchmark Foam was an ideal partner.

“Being able to provide staged shipments that delivered exactly what they needed for installation that day became increasingly important,” said Benchmark Foam Sales Representative Corey Mennenga.

Cascade_Lloyd_Construction_Benchmark_GeofoamWith multiple subcontractors onsite, it was a synchronized effort to meet project deadlines. Constructing the courtyard included forming a pool and spa along with multiple communal areas such as a dog run, fire pit and outdoor dining space – all of which sit atop the city’s largest underground parking facility. With layers of lightweight geofoam separating the parking garage and courtyard, it had to make accommodations for drainage, plumbing and others. Ensuring the deliveries aligned with the appropriate location eased space constraints and helped stay on schedule.

While the lofts began leasing in 2019, the courtyard opened to residents in June 2020, just in time for summer. “[The Cascade] is becoming known as the place to live in downtown Sioux Falls and we’re attracting a broad demographic of tenants,” said Jake Quasney, Lloyd Companies Executive of Development.

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