Elevated Signs By Benchmark Standard Model Monument Sign Ensures Visibility

Signs By Benchmark cellular plastic foam monument signA recent Signs By Benchmark (a division of Benchmark Foam) collaboration with Sign Source of Ada, Oklahoma resulted in a beautiful version of our Signs By Benchmark Standard Model #2 cellular plastic monument sign.

Standing 76″ high x 116″ wide x 22″ deep, the double sided monument is elevated to provide greater visibility above parked vehicles. Matching Signs By Benchmark pole covers complete the tidy, modern appearance.

The three-color stucco finish highlights the arch, keystone and quoin design of Signs By Benchmark’s Standard Model #2. For strength and durability, copy is coated directly onto the sign face. Larger letters measure 11.4″ high; smaller letters are 6.2″ high.

Gaddis and Gaddis had some very specific color and design requests,” said Terry Janda of Sign Source. “Having worked with Signs By Benchmark on previous projects, I knew they could meet our needs. As expected, Benchmark delivered the sign on time, and satisfied a very particular customer with color and design modifications. The completed project is a beautiful sign that was a snap to install.”

Signs By Benchmark's 16 standard models offer a wide range of designs that may be customized to suit project needs. If you or someone you know needs signage, give the team a call at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084.


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