Benchmark Foam Releases New Thermo-Snap (patent pending) In-floor Heat Product

Benchmark Foam Thermo-Snap insulating panel for in-floor heatIn early June 2010, Benchmark Foam Inc. revealed a new in-floor heat product that simplifies radiant tube placement while completely defeating  flotation, displacement and uneven heat problems. In the past, tube installation was a costly, time-consuming, laborious chore.  New Benchmark Foam Thermo-Snap™ (patent pending) changes all of that. Fabricated with 6" on-center pathways, this new product allows the installer to simply snap the tube into place. Snapping tubes into place resolves many issues for installers:

  • Pathways provide predetermined tube placement, eliminating time-consuming measurement activities.
  • Consistent tube placement automatically promotes even heating.
  • 4' x 4' x 2" panels offer flexibility for layout and zoning.
  • Because tubes remain in place during the concrete pour, floating and displacement does not occur.
  • Minimal staple usage drastically cuts material costs.
  • For every 80 panels used, 1 yard of concrete is displaced, further cutting costs.
  • Quick, easy tube installation means less labor.
  • Accurate tube placement guarantees a quick, professional appearance.

Benchmark Foam Thermo-Snap in-floor heat insulation for Redwood Falls Animal Shelter

"Thermo-Snap is a product that will revolutionize the in-floor heat installation process," stated industry consultant Ian Laber of Do It Green, LLC. (Mission, SD). Participating throughout product development, Laber oversaw the Thermo-Snap™ installation pilot project. 

Lloyd's Heating, Inc. of Watertown S.D. recently installed 1200 square-feet of Thermo-Snap™.

"The installation went very well," stated Scott Christians of Lloyd's Heating. "We saved a lot on costly staple consumption."  

Manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS), Thermo-Snap™ (patent pending) acts as a thermal barrier to reduce heat loss. Maintaining long-term, stable R-values, it qualifies as a rigid foam board insulation approved by the federal Energy Star Program and contributes to LEED green building points. Call Benchmark today at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084 for an estimate on your current project.  Remember, quick response is always our guarantee!

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