Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Stronghold ICF offers one of the most innovative product lines in the industry. With a mission to build trust with its customers by helping build their reputations, profit margins and peace of mind, Stronghold is committed to its customers.

Created from on-the-job knowledge and innovation derived from the first-hand experience of contractors and engineers, Stronghold knows what it takes to build straight, trouble-free walls. The patent-pending innovation improves performance and takes the stress out of even the toughest pours. 

Continuous webs with locking teeth secure blocks together to eliminate settling and gaps between courses. The corner fastening is unprecedented in the ICF industry with two horizontal corner straps and four vertical fastening flanges. The Stronghold ICF web design and standing seam support eliminate the need for wood strapping and screws. Horizontal ‘power strips’ on Stronghold corners provide an additional layer of support where you need it most.

Stronghold ICF has its roots firmly planted in the support side of business with a team of highly experienced individuals committed to helping contractors meet their own and their customer’s expectations in completing successful projects.

  • Vertical locking webs keep blocks locked together
  • Standard 2.75″ panels provide minimum R-Value of 25
  • Reversible interlock equals less waste
  • No left or right corner to track
  • Horizontal and vertical cut lines make cutting easier
  • Tall rebar holders allow for stacked contact splicing
  • Full height webs that touch, plastic to plastic, to prevent settling of walls during concrete pours

Stronghold is a patent-pending ICF with a mission aligned with what contractors value – building trust by helping contractors build their reputations, profit margins and peace of mind.

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