Benchmark Foam Now Manufacturing Arcel

Available for use in a variety of products, Arcel® provides excellent cushioning and light weight

Benchmark Foam Now Manufacturing Arcel ProductsBenchmark Foam is now manufacturing Arcel®, a co-polymer foam product. Arcel® is made of polystyrene and polyethylene, a combination that boosts improved resistance to puncturing and breaking. Protective packaging products made with Arcel® foam provide excellent cushioning and easy handling with the added bonus of light weight to decrease freight and other shipping costs. Arcel® offers a strong, yet flexible product that is resistant to a range of solvents.

Made to perform over lengthy periods of time, Arcel® products allow repeated use and can cost-effectively replace many single-use alternatives. To learn more about Arcel® and how it may be an effective material for your next project, contact our team today at 605-886-8084 or


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