Signs By Benchmark Foam Monument Sign Convinces City Planners

Foam core monument signWhen Signs West of Austin, Texas contracted to provide an architectural monument that would boldly display the end customer’s character, they gave Signs By Benchmark a quick call.

Signs West provided its design calling for EIFS stone columns, corbels, a textured sign face and stucco to match that of an existing building.

The team at Signs By Benchmark went to work with their expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, hand-sculpting the sign face and EIFS stone columns. All components, including copy, logo, top and corbels were created using the same EPS foam material.

Once assembled, the entire 8’ high x 15’ wide x 24” deep sign was hard coated with Signs By Benchmark’s signature product, ensuring long-lasting durability designed to protect the end customer’s investment into the future.

CNC cut, the foam logo and copy were stud-mounted. This allowed high visibility of lettering returns, providing an element of depth, adding to the overall beauty and appeal of the monument.

“This sign is located in a small, affluent suburb city near San Antonio, Texas,” said Dub Paden of Signs West. “Every sign permit must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission…their criteria of using all natural materials was a challenge to get approval. They were not Foam-core monument signsure about foam signs until I showed them examples of the Brushy Creek and Highland Cove signs (both collaborations between Signs West and Signs By Benchmark). In the end, it worked out perfectly for all. The owner is very pleased with the look and draw the sign brings. The city is happy and learned a thing or two. And we had another project with a quick install and turnaround using a Signs By Benchmark monument sign.”

The Signs By Benchmark team is always ready to consult on any sign project. To discuss your signage needs and benefit from the team’s expertise, call 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084.

Signs By Benchmark is a division of Benchmark Foam, creating exterior and interior signs and sign accent component such as bases, pole covers, sign tops and 3D architectural accents made of EPS foam. The only company to control the sign manufacturing process from beginning to end, Signs By Benchmark gives customers the ultimate in customizing capabilities with foam-core signage.

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