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Residence Inn SignIn early 2010, Signs By Benchmark, a division of Benchmark Foam Inc., collaborated with Persona Inc., to create a unique sign that was installed in Dayton, Ohio. Standing 80′ tall, the 25′ high X 20′ wide sign magestically advertises a new Residence Inn by Marriott.

When Persona Inc. personnel realized that their customer’s design called for components not easily fabricated from traditional metal, they turned to Signs By Benchmark for composite (foam-core) sign accents.

“The flexibility of our composite medium was ideal when it came to realizing this sign’s particular needs,” says Signs By Benchmark Division Manager Matt Frey. “Responding to the need for lightweight, yet highly durable sign components, we were able to provide unique elements and accents that express the culture of the customer and surrounding community.”

Signs By Benchmark accents included pole covers created in two sections: faux-brick lower poles to match an existing brick base and acrylic stucco upper pole covers. “The on-site masonry base brickwork and the Signs By Benchmark pole covers look awesome! You couldn’t have matched the pattern or colors much closer than that!” said Persona Assistant Technical Sales Manager Les Rossman.

The crowning glory of the towering sign is Signs By Benchmark’s 20′ wide X 8 1/3′ high topper finished in acrylic stucco and colored to customer specifications.

Signs By Benchmark Sign Topper for Residence Inn SignLearning about the collaborative project, Sign Builder Illustrated magazine  staff decided to feature the sign in their August 2010 edition. To read the entire magazine article, entitled No Reservations, No Problems, click here.

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