Safe Room / Emergency Storm Shelter


Be prepared when severe weather hits with an emergency Safe Room Storm Shelter from Benchmark Foam

When severe weather threatens your area, be prepared with a Benchmark Foam emergency Safe Room Storm Shelter. Built with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), a Safe Room can be built to custom sizes, based on requirements. Whether in a residential or commercial setting, when a Safe Room is built to FEMA specifications, it can expect to provide “near-absolute protection” during extreme weather, including strong winds and debris.

Benchmark Foam ICF Safe Room Emergency Storm ShelterExtreme Wind Resistance

Ensure your safety with the proven durability of Benchmark Foam Safe Room Storm Shelters built to FEMA 361 guidelines.

Impact Resistance

Reinforced concrete walls of a Benchmark Foam Safe Room Storm Shelter can withstand most flying debris with minimal structural damage.

Structurally Engineered

Enjoy peace of mind with the seal of approval by a certified Structural Engineer when Benchmark Foam’s Safe Room Storm Shelter deign is built to FEMA 361 guidelines.

Benchmark Foam Safe Room storm Shelter Structural Engineer SealThe 8′ x 8′ Safe Room Storm Shelter design by Benchmark Foam, Inc. has been reviewed and approved by licensed Structural Engineer Jim Lange, of Lange Structural Group.

Do You Qualify For Financial Assistance?

Government agencies provide assistance to disaster survivors. Whether it be to prepare for possible severe weather or rebuilding efforts post-disaster, you may qualify for federal grants to include a Safe Room Storm Shelter in your plans. Grants vary based on location. Consult a local Emergency Management office for more information.


Read, print or download our Safe Room Storm Shelter brochure.

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