Roofing Insulation

Benchmark Roofing InsulationBenchmark Foam’s tapered roofing system provides effective drainage for flat roofs in either commercial or residential buildings.  High-quality Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation is easy to handle and offers superb performance. With custom design and easy-to-follow installation markings and shop drawings, your installation crew can save time and money.

Benchmark Foam is a certified manufacturer for Direct to Deck roof insulation. The ICC-ES Evaulation Report ESR-3412 approves Benchmark’s EPS roof insulation products to be applied directly over steel roof decks without a thermal barrier in the roof system, giving contractors and roofers added value with reduced materials and labor costs.

Custom-designed Drainage

Eliminate ponding water in either new or re-reroofing applications. Each Benchmark Foam system conforms to design requirements and is custom designed to drain efficiently.

Easy Installation and Low-cost Quality

Standard 4 X 4 or 4 X 8-foot insulation boards are:

  • Manufactured to specified thicknesses – no need to build up with “fill” layers
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Clearly marked according to design drawings
  • Able to be laid in a predetermined pattern
  • Capable of retaining stable, permanent thermal performance
  • Naturally moisture and mold resistant
  • Compatible with all major roofing systems and warranties


Customized System

You provide building dimensions, drain locations and thermal requirements of the proposed roofing system. Benchmark Foam will help customize your system and submit shop drawings of all tapered insulation projects for your approval before shipping the order.

Customized Accessories

Benchmark Foam’s customized tapered roofing system includes specialized design elements like hips, valleys, crickets and saddles.

Factory-cut Hips and ValleysEPS Roofing Insulation System Components

  • 45-degree factory-cut hips or valleys fit roof corners without waste
  • One-piece hip and valley panels simplify installation

Tapered Crickets and Saddles

Use to:

  • Divert water around rooftop units or obstructions
  • Correct differential heights of adjacent roof decks
  • Structurally slope roof decks to provide positive drainage to roof scupper and internal drains

Benchmark’s Recycled eps360® as Roofing Insulation Satisfy green building requirements with eps360®, a 100% recycled rigid foam board that retains all the integrity of a non-recycled EPS product. Created from clean, dry, post consumer EPS, this product was recently installed in a 35,000-square-foot roofing project. Click here to read about this project.

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