Modular building construction uses Benchmark Foam EPS


While modular building is not a new form of construction, it is regaining some popularity. Modular construction is a process of a building being constructed off-site, then shipped to its final destination in modules that are formed or placed together to create the full building. While the method of construction may change, the need for insulation does not. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam is suitable for all forms of construction, including modular building.

In late 2020, a new hotel was built using modular construction before finishing the multi-color exterior with EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system). EIFS utilizes EPS foam as a substrate in its multi-layer cladding system that insulates while providing a highly durable and decorative finish. The modular building also used EPS in a tapered roofing system to promote positive drainage that ensures a safe, long lasting roof. Without positive draining, ponds can form and when subjected to freeze-thaw cycles, can cause damage to the roof and structure itself. EPS is the most cost-effective option for tapered roof insulation systems.

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