Home Builders Turn to ICF Construction as Lumber Spikes

There are many great reasons why a builder might choose insulated concrete forms (ICFs) for a project. The resulting structure will be more resistant to weather, insects and fire than its wooden counterpart. Concrete walls dampen sound better and often result in lower utility bills with a marked decrease in insurance premiums. The fall of 2020 and spring of 2021 saw even more reasons for builders to switch to ICFs, increased prices, and decreased availability of lumber.

Many industries have felt the pinch of covid-related restrictions, closures and shortages. Combined with a booming market in home renovations, the result is a lumber industry that has suffered more than most. With the increased demand for building materials and limited access to a suddenly volatile lumber market, many builders have made the switch to ICFs to get the job done on time. Unlike lumber, the concrete and ICF markets have enjoyed a relatively stable increase that follows the rate of inflation.

Stronghold ICF corner blockMade of locally manufactured blocks with internal and external built-in support to create the strongest ICF corners in the industry, Stronghold ICF produces superior forms for all your building needs. Designed by architects and contractors, Stronghold fixes deficiencies so you don’t have to. With deadlines looming and supply costs through the roof, many builders have turned to Stronghold and Benchmark Foam, to assist in completing projects within budget and on time.

Sales Representative Corey Mennenga, weighed in on the current ICF market.  “Many project owners and contractors have made the decision to take their projects from footing to trusses with Stronghold ICF. Some people didn’t know they could or had the option to build from footing to roof truss until they used the Stronghold ICF for the below-grade foundation/basement. After using the product for those areas that concrete walls traditionally have been used, they quickly identified that they could continue above grade and enjoy the benefits that Stronghold ICF brings to where it really makes sense, above grade – where nature’s elements are the harshest.

builder turn to Stronghold ICF_completeDue to its durability, energy and insurance savings, environmental impact through reduced energy costs and ease of use, ICFs are a natural choice for builders who are feeling the pressure of a tight schedule strained by the current lumber industry. To learn more about Stronghold and ICFs, contact info@strongholdicf.com or call 800-658-3444.

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