EPS insulation solves cold waterslide woes

While not all Benchmark Foam products are used for the insulating power of its expanded polystyrene (EPS), it was a top feature for helping maintain water temperature in an exterior waterslide. The 120 ft.  enclosed waterslide at the Prairie Lakes Wellness Center was experiencing cooling water and even some icy spots when the outdoor temperature would dip below zero. With the customizing capabilities and stable R-Value of EPS, the Benchmark Foam staff went to work on a solution that would provide the insulating needs without negatively impacting the building aesthetics.

The solution came in the form of cylindrical sections that clamshell together to insulate and protect the slide. The foam sections were cut in various shapes and lengths to mimic the shape of the slide. Each piece was encapsulated in a polyurea hardcoat to give it rigidity and durability. A total of 34 pieces were arranged to wrap the slide in a simple, one-day installation. The insulating sections will allow the water slide to remain operational, even on the coldest of days in its upper Midwest locale.

The distinctive water slide remains the same to the visual eye as each piece was painted to match the original bright orange color. With Benchmark Foam’s capabilities, the clamshell sections could be produced in nearly any color and with custom finishes including an embossed logo or special lettering.

To learn more about the water slide insulation or other coated foam products, contact our team at epsinfo@benchmarkfoam.com or 800-658-3444. Benchmark Foam will continue to earn your trust with every order. It’s our guarantee.

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