Signature Polyurea Coating Offers Extended Service Life for Shooting Bench

polyurea hardcoat extends service life for non-EPS product

Not all Benchmark Foam products are used for the thermal capabilities or energy efficiency from its expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation. In fact, some products do not even contain EPS, but rather our signature polyurea coating. Offering protection from the elements and time, our polyurea is suitable for a variety of applications. For Royal Stukey of Stukey’s Sturdy Shooting Benches, the extended service life of a polyurea-coated shooting bench top was most impressive. His proprietary shooting bench will outlast a standard wood top 20 to 1, when used continually outdoors or in a hard use application.

“The [polyurea-coated] tops will outperform injected or blow molded plastic and all other wood tops, hands down, for both standing up to harsh weather and rough use,” said Stukey.

Stukey’s Sturdy Shooting Benches offer stable, heavy duty, portable shooting benches that are built to stand up to a lifetime of hard use. Click here for more information on how Stukey assembles the bench once he receives the polyurea-coated tops. To learn more applications for polyurea hardcoat, contact our team at 800-658-3444 or

Stukey's Shooting Benches feature Benchmark Foam signature polyurea coating

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