Quick Response from Benchmark Foam is More Than A Lead Time

Benchmark Foam Quick Reponse is More Than A Lead TimeWhen customers hear “quick response is our guarantee” from various communication with Benchmark Foam, it is most often attributed to lead time. Customer orders product, Benchmark produces and ships in a timely manner. However, our team believes that quick response can come in many forms.

Every day, our team communicates with current, former and prospective customers. Sometimes former customers need to be updated on a new process that may benefit their business. Current customers are always contacted about pending orders. And prospective customers may need more information on a new product that is being researched and developed by the staff at Benchmark Foam. It is how we do business and at the heart of that, is acknowledging that our communication is also responsive.

Last month, a potential project was brought to our attention. Rather than responding via email or phone call, our sales representative scheduled a meeting for the following day at the customer’s location. Our team prioritizes our customer’s needs, showing respect for potential business before it has even been established if Benchmark Foam will be a good fit for the project. We aren’t always the right fit for every project – and we are honest enough to admit that a customer may be better suited to look into an alternative product because of a physical property limitation or to a competitor because of geographic location. Most refer to it as the golden rule. We treat current, former and prospective customers the same as we would expect to be treated – with the additional bonus of quick response is our guarantee.

To learn more about how you can benefit from the superior customer service of the Benchmark Foam team, contact us at epsinfo@benchmarkfoam.com or 800-658-3444.


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