Ride in Style with Custom Foam-Core Bike Accessories

Crafting a sharp appearance using Benchmark Foam EPSFoam_Core_Motorcycle_Accessories_Benchmark_Top_Shop_Baggers


As a manufacturer, we are often impressed by the innovation happening in the most unsuspecting places. When Top Shop Bagger Products approached the Benchmark team looking for expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam for prototyping its custom accessories for motorcycles, we were introduced to its cutting edge product lines.

The nature of Top Shop’s custom products implies a longer lead time, which made the On Time Guarantee from Benchmark Foam quite appealing. When suppliers can make a positive impact on your schedule, everyone wins. Top Shop is able to receive its orders on time and begin routing and shaping the foam to the custom specifications. Once the foam is shaped according to specification, the Top Shop team works its magic to coat, sand and perfect the parts for a flawless fit. For more information on Top Shop products, visit www.topshopcarbon.com.

Custom_Bike_Accessories_Lightweight_Foam_Benchmark_Top_Shop_BaggersTo experience the customizing capabilities of Benchmark Foam products, contact our team at epsinfo@benchmarkfoam.com or call 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084. And remember, every order from Benchmark Foam comes with the On Time Delivery Guarantee. Your product will arrive by the agreed-to date or we will discount your invoice 10 percent. It’s our guarantee.

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