Benchmark Foam Interlocking Tank Pad Customized to Level Tank on Sloping Concrete Pad

Benchmark Foam Interlocking Tank Pad

Tapered Interlocking Tank Pad sits between tank and concrete pad, leveling the surface.

Customers of Benchmark Foam have come to learn that its team is full of troubleshooters and problem solvers who can offer customized solutions. For example, one customer who houses chemical tanks recently needed help fixing a contractor error.  A concrete pad that supports each individual tank had been poured incorrectly, causing a 10,000 gallon tank to lean once it was placed. Looking at a costly and time-consuming fix using concrete, the customer called the Benchmark team instead.

Because Benchmark Foam Interlocking
Tank Pads are made of an expanded polystyrene
(EPS) foam core, they can be customized to almost
any size and dimension, including a tapered top to accommodate various tank sizes – or in this case, to turn a sloped concrete pad into a flat surface.  The customer easily installed the custom, 2-piece interlocking tank pad so the tank now sits level, thanks to the tapered tank pad.

Every Benchmark Foam Interlocking Tank Pad is encapsulated with a two-component, rapid curing polymer coating to ensure strength and durability. Taking it a step above others, Benchmark Foam thoroughly tests its tank pads by an internal quality control program to confirm a consistent amount of polymer coating material is used on each piece.

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