Teaching the Benefits of Building with ICF Insulated Concrete Forms

Lowest bid isn’t always the smart choice

Benchmark Foam Insulated Concrete FormsThose who understand the benefits of building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), know that this type of “specialty building” only costs slightly more than traditional wood frame construction. Here’s how to educate your customers and crews on why they should build with Benchmark ICFs:

  • Energy Efficiency: lower utility costs by more than 30% with airtight ICFs
  • Comfort: Up to 50% less air leakage than framed buildings while maintaining even temperature
  • Strength: Less flex in concrete walls
  • Quiet: Enjoy the peace of reduced exterior noise.

Crews enjoy benefits of ICF construction too:

  • Fast assembly with minimal teardown
  • Eliminates the cost of purchasing and maintaining traditional forms
  • The more you practice, the better you get: estimated that once a crew has installed 4 to 5 ICF projects, their costs drop significantly.

Don’t be fooled by the “lowest bidder wins the project” mentality. Make sure you’re educated when it comes to lifetime costs of construction. Call the Benchmark team at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084 to find out how building with ICFs can pay you back in the long run.

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