Benchmark Foam Quick Response Provides Custom-Designed Order in Two Weeks

Packaging insulation design ensures protection for overseas shipping

Perhaps one of the times when the Benchmark Foam team is at its best is when a customer needs out-of-the box thinking to solve their project requirements. Recently, VMS Labs, a veterinarian supply company, requested adequate packaging for shipping its 40 pound carton weight product overseas. When the company representative sent the containers that were going to be shipped overseas, the Benchmark team knew its expanded polystyrene (EPS) could be the perfect solution.

Benchmark Foam overseas shipping packaging solutionFrom the time the customer first contacted Benchmark to having its first order of custom packaging in-hand was approximately two weeks.
“The foam and boxes look great. Thank you so much for your quick response,” said Jon of VMS Labs.

EPS is one of the most versatile, lightweight packaging options that reduces overall shipping costs. With Benchmark Foam’s innovative cutting technologies, it was able to offer a custom cut product to maintain merchandise integrity so it arrives in perfect condition. When ordering a custom-cut EPS foam packaging liner, you receive excellent cushion and maximum thermal protection that is cost effective.

If you have a packaging challenge, call the Benchmark team at 800-658-3444 to find out how they can help protect your products. Benchmark Foam prides itself on being an industry innovation leader with the capabilities to manufacture custom projects for all.

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