Benchmark Foam EPS Expanded Polystyrene Insert Molding

EPS Insert MoldingCustom shape molding has been a cornerstone of Benchmark Foam’s product line for more than 20 years. As technology changes and expands, so has the way Benchmark manufactures these ever-changing products.

Innovation allowed Benchmark to add automated shuttle machines on the existing equipment to mold expanded polystyrene (EPS) around plastic inserts. The plastic inserts are fully customizable and can be made of other materials. In some products, the EPS surround acts as insulation to the plastic, depending on the use.

Expanded Polystyrene Insert MoldingOne of the most common examples of insert molding is Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). ICFs are produced using plastic ties as the inserted piece in a custom shape molding machine. The machine molds the EPS around the plastic ties to create a finished product. Many ICF accessories are manufactured using the same insert molding technology, including Gorilla Buck insulated window jambs, pictured at right. (Click on images to view in large format.)

If you have a product idea that may benefit from insert molding, call the team at 800-658-3444 to discuss the details and learn how Benchmark can go to work for you!

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