Benchmark Foam Molds EPS Expanded Polystyrene Point of Purchase Product Based on Hand Carving

Benchmark_Foam_EPS_Replica_Snow_Bank_POP_Display_WMThe flexibility of Benchmark Foam's EPS expanded polystyrene is frequently tested to meet specific customer needs, especially when it comes to creating unique Specialty Foam products. In this case, the customer called looking for a specific shape and size replica snowbank for use as a point of purchase display. To ensure Benchmark Foam produced to their exact needs, it sent smaller sample blocks of EPS to the customer and they hand carved the look they wanted.

In a matter of weeks, a mold was created to produce multiple replica snow banks to the customer's exact design. Within a week of the customer approving the final design, a truckload of replica snow banks was shipped to New York. Even for custom designed products like this, Benchmark Foam's On-Time Guarantee will assure the product is delivered as promised.

The replica snowbanks, made of EPS, are used in point of purchase (POP) displays for various beverage distributors across the country.

If you have an idea for a custom EPS product, call the Benchmark Foam team today at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084 to learn how you can be involved during your product's development. From initial contact to product delivery, witness your vision come to life in as little as three months.

Trust that with the experience of Benchmark Foam's team and the industry's only On-Time Guarantee, your custom product will deliver as expected and on time – it's guaranteed. 

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