Benchmark Foam Rises to Challenge of Meeting On-Time Guarantee

Benchmark Foam guarantees delivery date and superior quality of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products such as EPS foam insulation, insulated concrete forms (ICF) and custom molded packaging

A member of the molding staff works to install a custom mold used to manufacture packaging pieces.

Rising to the challenge is an everyday occurrence at Benchmark Foam.

“We challenge ourselves on each order,” said Molding Manager Kevin Christofferson, “to produce the best quality products in the shortest amount of time possible.”

In late May, 2011, the Benchmark Foam molding team rose to the occasion when a loyal New Jersey-based customer needed its typical order of custom molded packaging pieces, but a week sooner than expected. Due to the added transit time – shipping almost 1500 miles, to the customer location, is a standard 3-day transit time – the molding team volunteered to work on Saturday to have the 3200 pieces ready to ship the next business day, allowing enough time for the order to arrive by the expedited On-Time Guarantee shipping date.

Benchmark Foam Customer Molded Packaging Pieces

The custom molded product before being packaged and shipped.

A willingness to put in extra time and go the extra mile is typical of Benchmark Foam employees. This quick turnaround is another example of the Benchmark Foam team’s dedication to their On-Time Guarantee. Without sacrificing superior quality, they continue to meet customer needs on a daily basis.

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Provide your project specifications, then work with the experienced team at Benchmark Foam to design the exact product you need. Relax while they engage their expertise and high work ethic to manufacture, then ship your product by the agreed-to arrival date.

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