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Quick response delivers same-day order more than 250 miles 

EPS foam crickets and saddles used on roof decks to achieve proper drainage.

Example of tapered crickets & saddles used on roof decks to help proper drainage to internal drains.

When a crew from a loyal Benchmark Foam customer, Twin City Roofing, ran into a drainage issue on a jobsite, they called the experienced Benchmark Foam team for a quick response. The two quickly came to a solution – a custom drainage cricket, made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), to help divert water to the appropriate drain. 

Crickets are a tapered design product that are used on structurally sloped roof decks to avoid water ponding on roofs that can cause further damage. Installing crickets helps promote positive water flow from the roof while maintaining a stable room temperature too. 

The other issue was the roofing crew needed the materials that same day – and the jobsite was 250 miles away from Benchmark Foam’s manufacturing facility in Watertown, S.D. Following its quick response guarantee, the Benchmark Foam team was able to produce the materials and deliver to the jobsite destination by the end of the day. 

Installing EPS foam crickets in roofing insulation system

Directional arrows on the EPS show the way water will flow to facilitate positive drainage.

Next time you’re in need of insulation materials or run into a problem on a jobsite where foam could play a part in the solution, call the Benchmark Foam team to see how their innovative thinking can save you time and quite possibly, some money. Visit or call 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084 to learn how Benchmark Foam can help you!

Benchmark Foam knows your business depends on our product arriving on time. Our service response is so dependable we back it with our On-Time Guarantee. Your product will be shipped and arrive on the agreed-to arrival date or we will discount your invoice 10 percent. We work to accommodate customer needs, giving you confidence when you place an order, even if it needs to be rushed. And we do not have truckload quotas, so no matter how large or small, your order will ship on time.

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