Benchmark Foam 100% Recycled eps360 Insulation for Eco Experience at 2011 Minnesota State Fair

Benchmark Foam 100% recycled eps360 foam insulation

Benchmark Foam 100% recycled eps360® foam insulation.

Benchmark Foam has always been mindful of the environment. This commitment led to its development of eps360®, a 100% recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation product.  Contributing to green building, Benchmark has been producing this product for applications such as perimeter, sub-slab and roofing insulations.

Now Benchmark Foam’s eps360® insulation has been chosen by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for use in the Passive House display at its 2011 Minnesota State Fair Eco Experience exhibit (August 25 – September 5).

MN State Fair Eco Experience ExhibitThe Passive House will model a building with an extremely reduced heating and cooling system. This is possible through the use of super-insulated walls and highly efficient windows that prevent heat and cold from transferring between inside and outside. According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, “a certified Passive House is required to meet vigorous energy-use standards and requires that several passive and active energy reducing strategies are used and work in harmony with each other.”

Benchmark Foam’s eps360® will be used as part of the building envelope insulation that will help seal the Passive House that must retain a great percentage of heat during winter cold, while also remaining cool during the summer heat.

Benchmark Foam eps360 for sub-slab insulation

Benchmark Foam 100% recycled eps360® as sub-slab insulation.

Using Benchmark Foam’s 100% recycled eps360® is a smart way to build green in order to realize ongoing energy savings throughout the life of a building, whether residential or commercial. Durable and capable of indefinitely retaining R-value, it can be used wherever most regular EPS foam insulation is installed.

Click here to read how eps360® was recently used as roofing insulation for a water treatment facility, then click here to learn how its use met green building goals during construction of a new police department building.

Benchmark Foam 100% recycled eps360 for roofing insulation

Benchmark Foam 100% recycled eps360® as roofing insulation.

For more information about eps360® and how it could be just the product for your upcoming green building project, contact us at 605-886-8084 or 800-658-3444. Provide your building specifications, receive a free quote, then relax while Benchmark Foam manufactures and delivers your product by the agreed-upon date.

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